What is the Best Kitchen Faucet Model on the Market?

If you have recently found yourself asking ‘What is the best kitchen faucet for my home?’ it could be time to think carefully about your requirements and preferences. Whilst shopping for kitchen faucets might seem like a simple job, it is important to pick out accessories which fit the design and aesthetic appeal of the environment in question.

What is the Best Kitchen Faucet Brand?

Kitchen Faucet8This guide to a handful of the finest kitchen faucet brands and models on the market will help you get to grips with the basics and shop for beautiful kitchen accessories.

Moen 7175 Pull Out Faucet

The most important characteristic of this Moen 7175 ‘Pull Out’ Faucet is its innovative reflex technology. This allows the user to quickly access a pull out spray mechanism – once finished with the nozzle, you just have to let go gently and it will retract itself and store neatly away. Plus, it comes with an extended hose (68 inches) for increased flexibility and movement.

Delta Leland Single Handle Faucet

This beautiful accessory provides an answer not only to the question of ‘What is the best kitchen faucet?’ but also, ‘What is the most stylish kitchen faucet?’ too. It has been created to mimic the classic teapot design, so it is appealing to look at and it offers an extended reach and degree of movement. With this faucet, you can reach every corner of the sink and still be able to work your way around the biggest pots and pans.

Peerless Choice Two Handle Faucet

This Peerless Choice faucet offers the perfect balance between economy and quality. It is one of the most affordable accessories on the market, but it does not sacrifice durability to make this happen. With a two handle design and a four hole installation plan, it is lightweight (less than 2lbs) and it fits a wide range of sink types. Plus, it comes with a side spray nozzle for added flexibility.

Light in the Box Pull Out Faucet

This finely crafted kitchen faucet weighs 8.5lbs, so it sits right in the middle of the market as far as measurements go. However, it does offer an extremely handy 360 degree swivel rotation mechanisms and a retractable spout, so that getting total coverage and access is simpler than ever before. In fact, this Light in the Box faucet is a great choice for anybody with an unconventionally large or irregularly shaped sink.